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What you need to know about Mars Retrograde + your Sign

What you need to know about Mars Retrograde + your Sign
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Mars is the War planet and represents the Warrior energy: that life force that pulls us forward and urges us to go after our desires. 

Going retrograde for 8 weeks from June until late August – this shadow doesn’t mean a weaker warrior vibe, but a highly auspicious time for intense focus, productivity, hard working and achieving our goals. 
The warrior meets the scientist in the sign of Aquarius, which represents the future. So the key question for this period is:

How can you reinvent yourself to move forward in your intended direction?

By focusing on the positive force of Mars that will set the ground for you to rise later on this year. There is a great opportunity if you move willingly with this energy rather than opposite it. 

How to navigate Mars Retro in your favour:

  • Stay away from the lower vibrations of the War God by avoiding fights – specially in justice or against someone. The person who starts the fight tends to lose during Mars retro. But do defend yourself 
  • AMAZING period for reinventing things that weren’t working before: a new diet or food habits, your work flow and routine, a creative project or a new study path will be easy to tend as Mars in Aquarius provide a level of detachment so you can see your life from an objective point of view.
  • Dealing once and for all with exes, and it’s not ideal to get back with someone. During retro you’re naturally looking back, so take this time to purge the emotions attached to old relationships and people, write a letter to them and burn (Mars = fire), releasing stagnant emotions and experiences related to them.

 The key words are: efficiency, hard work, reinvent, reform, replenish your vibe, work on old patterns.

The best use of Mars is to pull off its mission for you related to: money, work, physique, getting your patterns sorted out. By applying positive energy and focusing on self-discipline to get yourself ahead. 
By September there is going to be new energies pulling us to emerge, and ideally you will have unblocked those old patterns to move forward. 

How will Mars influence each sign

(the sun, rising and your Mars sign*): 

*to look at which sign Mars is, you can check your birth chart, or you can book an Astrology reading with me to understand how each planet influences your life.

Mars is the ruler of Aries, the sparkle of life, and co-ruler of Scorpio – the phoenix. Those signs will be mostly affected by Mars retrograde energy, and this also stands for rising people.


Great time to make money as you have Uranus in your money sector, inspiring you to think about new and unexpected ways to attract prosperity. 


Amazing time to up your game as Uranus is in Taurus. The focus here is mainly on career: rebuild your brand, look over your goals to make sure they’re a good fit to 2018.



Study, travel and philosophy: an auspicious period to go on a trip with a specific purpose in July/August.


Finances and budget: go over how you’re spending your money, get financially wise and apply strong Mars discipline. Uranus in your social sector asks you to pay attention whether your friends are helping or hindering your prosperity mindset. Consider evolving that.


There might be exes or weird relationships emerging; it’s a good time to look back on all relationships you’ve had and to clear up their baggage.


Essentially, rebuilding your work style to make space for something bigger. Consider changing the work style so there is room for travel and study in 2019.


Money, creativity and also romance scene. Stay in the present so you won’t get back to old patterns as there will be chances of a beautiful relationship to emerge this year; but not if you’re living in the past.


Home sector: not a good time to buy a house in July/August, but to go over your house energies by decluttering, renovating, revising your home base and how you live, making future resolutions regarding your family life.


Revise how you express yourself, how you talk and take on information. Be careful with neighbours and coworkes issues. Be diplomatic.


Money sector and money planning; think long term and deep. You’re setting a prosper and successful foundation for your big breakthrough by 2020.


Soul/self sector: addressing the sabotaging, that inner voice that thinks you don’t devserve success. Reflect on how often you dimish your own power, the way you present and talk about yourself. Great moment to heal those issues.


Shamanic rebirth: a great moment for self development, self-knowledge and holistic therapies helping you to emerge after this transit.



How is Mars Retrograde influencing your life right now? 

Let me know in the comments below!


ॐ Shanti, 


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