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What is Thetahealing and How can it help You?

What is Thetahealing and How can it help You?
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Theta healing is a powerful healing tool vibrating on the theta frequency that works on the subconscious mind releasing blocks and implementing positive beliefs.

The founder of the method, Vianna Stibal, not only healed herself from cancer by discovering an instant tool to release limiting beliefs and manifest prosperity, happiness, true love and living your purpose; but also transformed the lives of millions of people impacted by her work and teachings around the world. 

The world responds to us based on what we believe to be true about ourselves. 

And yet, we may not be fully conscious about what we believe to be true on a deep level. Our subconscious minds rule 70% of our brain and thus, many of us have limiting beliefs on a primal, genetic, historical and/or soul level. 


You can only have something if you believe that you deserve it, that it’s possible to you. 

Repetitive thoughts and actions become patterns that when not built from a higher perspective based on love, but instead, if they were originated from fear, lack of confidence, traumas; they become limiting beliefs that reflect on the reality you live in.  
So the more you repeat those intrinsic beliefs, the more you end up falling in the same habits; and consequently, getting the same results. 
The limiting beliefs block you from achieving your greatest potential, leaving your in a loop of repetitive patterns that don’t serve you positively. 
Some examples of limiting beliefs that hinder our ability to conquer what we desire, such as abundance, our dream career, a soul mate, etc: 
I don’t deserve it. 
Money is dirty.
It’s hard to get money from a spiritual based career.
I have to hustle to be successful.
As we create our reality with what we believe in, our life is a reflex of what we carry within. 
With Theta healing, you can reprogram the beliefs and healing happens on all levels: emotional, energetic and physic. 

how it works

Based on these 3 pillars, the client already feel a profound change in their life since the first session:
  1. discovering the limiting beliefs
  2. healing them
  3. a new program is installed in the cells
  4. change happens


The Thetahealers simply channel energy from the Source energy – God, Goddess, Universe, what you want to call it – to do the healing. We, practitioners, work as a bridge facilitating the process. 

 DOWNLOAD of feelings

The body works like a machine: just like we erase viruses from computers, we need to clean our bodies from toxins. 
Just like we instal a software on a computer for it to do something specific, we can equally download a program for our bodies to do/feel something. 

How can you know what is like to feel something if you have never experimented it? 
Some people never felt truly loved, self confident, deserveful… And here the magic happens: with theta healing, a person can just receive all these feelings straight from its Source. These emotions come in its highest and purest form anyone could experience – based on unconditional love.
“I know what is like to be loved for who I am.
I know what is like to deserve all of which the Universe has to offer me. 
I know what is balance and how to live my daily life with balance in all areas.”

my experience

Being a scorpio and having gone through major life transformations all the time, I can honestly say I have never changed so deeply in so little time. 
I expanded my consciousness for being able to see myself so clearly and the world around me so objectively. Simply for walking the talk of transformation happens within. 
Thanks to Theta healing, I’ve healed a depression that would come and go for years. I’ve changed my perspective on how I see myself and how I deal with my emotions. I’ve accepted self-responsability, understanding that we choose what we will live, we let it happen to us whatever happens and we have the power to create or change our life. 


In this new Aquarius Era, changes happen at speed of light. 
We don’t need to suffer for the same things as our ancestors, we don’t need to suffer to evolve nor do we need to wait to be happy.
If you have started a journey of self-knowledge and personal development, you might have come across issues that limit you from breaking free from those negative cycles.
Change doesn’t have to take linger, as long as you’re ready to face those demons and committed to healing those wounds – you will witness a profound transformation in your whole life. 
That is why I swear by Theta healing as a profound healing tool for personal development: for it works instantly releasing limiting blocks and bringing to the surface your best self, reminding you of your inherent greatest capacity. 
This transformation is available to all. But only those who are ready, decided to change their lives once and for all – can access it.

What if you could change anything in your life…

What would you do?

ॐ Shanti, 

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