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What am I doing with my life?

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Thoughts on a sunday morning…
I woke up this morning feeling a bit ~bleh~
You know that feeling?
Turned on my phone and coincidentally (or not) the time hit 08:08.
Ohh I love synchronicities, the universe is trying to tell me something!!!
A very meaningful something that’s been in my mind for oh well, quite a while…
I’d dare to say for about 20 years of my life I’ve been trying to figure something out.
As the weekend approaches the end and le soleil embraces my laziness, I crawl for the TV with hopes my beloved uplifting series is on, but instead of my best Friends, a movie is about to start…
For my surprise it’s Bridget Jones Diary, and I decide to give it a chance for the nostalgia feeling kicking in… remembering how I used to watch this whole series during my teenage years renting the Dvd from my british english course…. It was the highlight of my boring afternoons.

{disclaimer} Now, I’m definitely NOT the type of person who watches movies in the morning. I’m actually all about work, work, work and being efficient thanks to some life-changing productivity hacks I learnt attesting that the 3 initial hours of your day are the BEST time for thoughtful work/output, as we’re the most focused and creative right after waking up.* So wasting this enchanted period with entertainment to wander off my mind is against my week routine; but oh well, it’s sunday so here we go…
*golden tip!
I watched it deep listening and digesting every word beautifully and britishly said (how I miss that…), trying to absorb some enlightenment from my old friend Bridget, wise girl that just needs some yoga in her life, if you ask me…
110 minutes later I find myself philosophing on the knowledge acquired, crawling after my diary and filling in some empty thoughts resonating with my doubtful mind….
What is the purpose of this life? 
What are we all – 10, 20, 30-year-olds – trying to accomplish? 
  1. A successful career
  2. A happily ever after relationship
  3. A ‘bikini-ready’ body
  4. Ultimate happiness
  5. All the above & anything I can put my hands on
Seriously, what is this damn thing we are all aimlessly trying to find through whatever our rituals are; be it meditating, running, yoging, writing, drinking, drawing, painting…
What’s the deal, Universe/God/Buddha ????? 
A few hours later with the sunday laziness-vibes still high in my body, I find myself writing my very first entry of the day  (this one!) and searching up netflix trying to find the 2nd and 3rd sequence of the movies…. “or maybe should I watch “13 Going on 30” instead?”
The answer to all these questions I  haven’t figured it out today though. And it might take many more girl movies and perhaps a couple more years (or decades) to discover…
In the meantime, mind to share some insights on this question that you realised so far??