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Thetahealing is a holistic therapy that works on the subconscious self releasing limiting beliefs 

and implementing new uplifting ones on an emotional, physical and energetic level.

You already saw yourself in the mirror of the soul.

You have started the journey of self-development and are aware of old patterns holding you back in the past, avoiding you from achieving your best version. Or perhaps you know there is something so unconscious therein but you can’t really name it or tap into it to consciously release it.

Having acknowledged your talents and challenges, you are aware that something is needed to change in order to get you aligned with the higher vibration of all the greatest things you’re calling in:

Whether that is your dream job and lifestyle, material abundance, your soul mate or to just be in peace with yourself, confident in your skin –

With Thetahealing, the Source’s energy is channeled to release  limiting beliefs from your system and align you with your essence. 

“Once a profound truth has been seen, it cannot be ‘unseen’. There’s no going back to the person you were.

Even if such a possibility did exist… why would you want to?”

— Dave Sim

>> D I S C O V E R  <<

What blocks are holding you back from stepping into your wholeness and hindering you to live your most abundant life.


>> E X H A L E <<

Let go of what’s no longer serving you in order to create space for your highest version to shine through.



>> I N H A L E <<

Experience what is like to feel fully loved, to be confident, to deserve prosperity – and other sensations you may never have experienced before with DNA activation and Downloads to achieve your greatest potential. 

>> B E C O M E <<

Already empowered by self-knowledge and free of old constraints that were holding you back, you have what is needed to manifest your most daring desires and bring your dreams into reality.­  




"I had a Theta Healing session with Alice and I have to say:
from all of the unblocking and personal development things I have done in my life - and I have done many;
this session with her has been one of the most profound experiences in self development and self healing I have ever had!
Not only that, but she is also a very gifted, intuitive healer and she is amazing at what she does. Thank you Alice!"
Mogashni Roden
Mom & Entrepreneur from Malta
" After an hour long session with Alice, I was sure that the Universe had put her in my path for a reason. Our session was honest, intuitive, and magical - and I could truly FEEL the lightness in my body and being from the release of resentments and blockages. I felt comfortable the entire time, as if i had known her before... As if she could truly SEE me. Thank you, Alice. You're a blessing and you have a gift. "
Lizz Dawson
Yoga Teacher from USA


1h Thetahealing Session

$ 99

€ 88

After the payment, you can book your session at your most convenient time on the link below. 

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