Darkness is Sacred # Scorpio Series

The Sacredness of Darkness #ScorpioSeries

The Sacredness of Darkness #ScorpioSeries
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When I was a kid, I was afraid of the dark.

Who wasn’t and still isn’t

fearful of the unknown.

of what’s to come next

Terrified about the emptiness

 and endless creatures emerging

when that door is open.







Differently from the sweet Cancerian rivers,

and the all-healing salty Piscean of seas,

Therein inhabits the Scorpio:

The swamp.


For the muddy Scorpion waters want us

to see beyond the veil,

tap into the unconscious

and rise above the surface

sharing thy alchemy of Rebirthing

– from our own shreds –

a new World


Within lies the gift of transmuting

sufferment into healing

the choice to choose joy

by rescuing others from drowning

in their own disgrace.


Its magic happens for those who wander in the void

aware the subconscious will rise…

And what comes up is not pleasant to feel:

dirty, shameful, regretful –

until we acknowledge

there is no light without dark,

no sun without the moon –

 as day and night are needed


I am One with the Whole

carrying our share of wounds

as medicine keepers.


The Sacredness of Darkness forever will serve

those who see the healing sitting in the void –

therein lies the secret to emerging,

birthing the sparkle of a new life

and burying the needless to survive.