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What are you wearing for New Years? My Rituals for an Auspicious 2018

What are you wearing for New Years? My Rituals for an Auspicious 2018
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It doesn’t matter where I spend NY’s eve, or with whom I am with, however my year has been; the one thing that always stays the same are my rituals to thank and let go the past year, welcoming a fresh & new cycle ahead.

Voilà some special treats and rituals I like to do to welcome the New Year ahead…

Traditions, traditions…

Back in Brazil, as we approach the new year season, magazines, blogs and your aunt start to recycle their yearly articles and advices about ‘Which Colour to Wear for New Year’s Eve’ in order to attract that quality for the cicle ahead. As we are so strongly attached to traditions, each Reveillon you can spot the brazilian wearing white among the crowd.

After years just going with the flow of wearing white clothes to attract peace (important), yellow for money and red for love, now I finally get it! Coming from a place of empowerment and honouring my ancestrals, I choose to use the colours in my favour; as they are an atribute and a way to align with the Nature <3

They are a powerful healing tool that when channeled for our best purpose can bring about anything we desire; whether that is peace, abondance, love, health…

Voilà some attribuitions from colours related to chakras and its meanings
The way we do it #brazilianway, if you’re looking to attract love in 2018, wear a nice pink or red underwear 😉 Or if you want abundance and prosperity most of all, be sure to wear lots of gold and yellow! Stay tuned for my New Year’s outfit photo… revealing what I’m all about in 2018 ;D
Detox, detatch, declutter….

Still travelling in nostalgia back home, we used to spend every Reveillon by the beach. Since I changed perspectives and started celebrating new year’s in the north hemisphere, I no longer have access to the sea only to jump 7 waves and counting each one a wish to dream of next year; or to dive in the sea to clear off the energies and reset.

>> As a Moon’s child, I adapted into nature’s cycles to best enjoy each phase in life… If I can’t go nor desire to swim in the cold sea, I take a cosy bath immersed in salts, oils, herbs, ease & calmness that works just as well to clear off energy.

a mermaid’s sea

Not only at the end of the year, but each time I feel heavy or stuck, I light an incense, burn off my palo santo or sage around the house visualising all the negative energy leaving. Do a deep cleaning, let go of clothes and objects that no longer serve me, and emotionally detach from any constraints that might me holding me up to move forward.

Only by making space in our house and our bodies, are we able to welcome new things, opportunities and manifestations in life.

The power of decluttering your home, closet, kitchen cabinet and also within yourself – letting go of lame feelings, grudges, people and past situations that are taking off your peace; the shift of energy is felt straight away after a tidying up session. I thank this learning from my Virgo friends…

Back to the basics: Intentions + Goals setting

The same old same old New Years resolution list: almost the same, but different.

The difference between saying that you’re going to exercise 5 days a week next year VS actually going for it is… the Intention you put into anything!

In every few months or so – specially before my birthday and before the New Year – I draw a Dreams Map…

This is a little magic trick I’ve learned with some coaches and spiritual teachers, and since I’ve adopted into my “rituals routine”, I feel more organised and actually inclined to do what I write down on a paper all the dreams I want to accomplish in the following months.

p.s: This is not a Genie the Genius ask-and-you-get kind of thing… Working with the Universal energies — despite what The Secret or simple hippies *including me back in the days* might have said — requires you not only to visualise (imagine + feel) what you want, but also act upon it. But much more importantly, one needs to feel deserveful and be aligned with the vibration of what they are asking for, because like attracts like.
But you need to believe it!!! Visualising simply works when you believe 100% with your heart that you are deserveful of what you desire, and actually take steps forward it.
sipping waters of hope

Here is an example of how you can do it in a simple way or adapting it however better with you:

– Take a piece of paper and write your full name on the center of the page.
– From the center start pulling out arrows and clutter your desires into themes, eg: Me/Personal, Love, Family, Job, Travel, Study, etc.
– Simply write in positive tenses what you want to accomplish; eg: I want to travel to Thailand on a spiritual journey, I want to live in Paris, I want to study X course in Xx university, I wanna find a loving partner who listens, is funny, etc etc.
– Give as much details as possible and have fun with it! Visualise how it would feel to have this goal accomplished in your life… How does it taste like? How are you feeling in that moment? Who are you with, what are you wearing?
– Then acknowledge that you already have all it takes to feel plenitude and whole as you are; be grateful for what you already have and be this person/job/partner/friend/trip that you want to attract.
– Let go of the result… Trust & allow the Universe to guide you towards the best way possible, knowing everything happens on the right time, being present to hear the messages and act upon them towards your accomplishments.

It actually works…
During Easter I went to a special yoga class and met this lovely teacher from California to whom I looked up and got inspired by instantly when she started talking about the Universe and how we can achieve anything we set our minds to; basically we spoke the same language.
We then set an intention for that practice and she asked whoever wanted to share out loud the wish we wanted to accomplish with the power of that practice. And what I timid but courageously shared, was that I wanted to do a Yoga Teacher Training course still this year, which manifested a few months later on.
At first I didn’t know how, when or where I could do it… but as I believed in it and kept open to the signs, it just naturally manifested and happened in the best case scenario.
Every person has the power to achieve if they have the power to believe.
Which are your New Year’s lucky charms?