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Your Nature beyond the Sun: Rising and Moon Signs Explained

Your Nature beyond the Sun: Rising and Moon Signs Explained
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As a typical Scorpio, I’m a natural investigator. That means whenever I meet (or stalk) someone, I instantly try to understand them for their main elements and try to guess what their signs are…
I can really see people as a whole – as if their chart is in front of me and I can trace their traits back to their Rising sign for their approach to life, their Moon sign influencing their behaviour, or their Sun sign for who they are. 
That means that you are not only the sign the horoscope tells you according to your birth date, but we are all of the signs in different aspects of our life – which we find that out in a natal chart.
But there are 3 main ones that influence us the most in day to day life – and whether you’re astrology savy or completely cetic in star matters, this guide will reveal the reason you are the way you are based on…

Your Rising & Moon Signs

Because everyone knows their Sun, but there are infinite idiosyncrasies beyond what an horoscope can explain…  

How to find out your Rising and Moon signs draws your chart and gives you a free sample of your birth chart explained. Therein you will find out these signs, but to have a more accurate and tailored Astrology reading, it’s always best to hire a professional.


the rising sign

While the Sun is our essence and who we came here to be; the rising sign is how we show up to the world and how we are seen – it’s our branding. Like a “mask” we use in the world to save our essence to show only for those we trust. It represents your individuality, your physical appearance, how you start things, the way you act and how you are perceived.
 It is said that your rising sign is the path you should walk to thrive and achieve success in life. 

The moon sign

The sign in which the Moon was on the day you were born is your Moon sign. It represents your subconscious, a natural instinct, what is familiar to you. Because she rules our feelings and matters of the heart – dictating how we love and how we suffer; it’s important to understand your Moon sign so that you can treat her right and nourish your own well being.
When your Moon is happy, you are in peace with yourself; and thus, the world.
In general, this is how each sign behaves as a Rising and the Moon:.  


As a rising, people might see you as someone very active, who’s always up to something. You could even be a ginger head, because people might see you as explosive and aggressive. But you are definitely someone courageous, pioneer and that is not afraid to initiate things. 

For the Moon, you are equally someone very active and that is always doing all sorts of stuff, specially practicing sports. For a better expression of this Moon, you must prioritise your individuality –  a melhor expressão dessa Lua, você deve priorizar a sua individualidade e autonomia, fazendo as suas coisas independente de ninguém – da aprovação, ou companhia dos outros; pois é assim que você vai se sentir bem consigo mesmo ao respeitar a sua lua.


As a rising, people might see you as someone superficial, slow and stable – because you are the definition of stability and resilience. You are strong and probably has a thick body with kapha traits.
With this Moon, you must love to stay home chilling, listening to music, burning some incense and enjoying nice food or going out to a fancy place – as ruled by Venus, you appreciate the good things in life.


As a rising, you are versatile and a great communicator. Another typical trait of yours is to gesticulate and use your hands a lot as you speak, because it’s the body part ruled by this sign. You are seen as curious, with lots of ideas and interests. 
People with this Moon talk non stop, are restless and adaptable. They like changing looks, moving the furniture, studying and sharing about what they just found out. 


As a rising, you are seen as someone highly affective, sympathetic and loving. 
A Cancer Moon is at home with this placement as it’s the sign ruled by the Moon. Those people truly enjoy looking after the house and its cores, cooking, staying at home and also love (but also can suffer) immensely. You’re probably very artistic and can use it as an outlet for your emotions.



With this rising, you’re seen as charismatic, warm and enlightened – as ruled by the Sun, Leo brings light. You might be seen as selfish and egocentric as well, which are the lowest vibrations of Leo. Your hair is a strong suit to your personality and self expression. 

Who has this moon loves to look after themselves and cannot pass by a mirror without checking them out. It’s important to cultivate self-esteem and confidance, as you’ll be tested in this sense in the realms of love and relationships.


As a rising, people see you as a perfectionist, workaholic, meticulous and critical; as Virgo appreciates and expects organisation and high service.
Who has this moon must like to organise, clean and keep things in order. You’re probably good at writing as your ruler Mercury is the planet of communication. 
People with a strong Virgo are a lot in their head and can use meditation to best deal with their minds.


As a rising, you are someone very attractive for also being ruled by Venus – the planet of love and beauty. You are also someone diplomatic who preaches justice and balance, always trying to bring harmony into life situations.
With this moon, you love to be surrounded by friends and lovers. You like art and enjoys going to exhibitions, museums and also the good things in life: fancy restaurantes, cinema, shopping…


As a rising, people can’t figure you out as you’re the most mysterious sign of the zodiac. You might try to pass by unnoticed, but you have a hint of curiosity that draws people into you. 
Who has this moon feels everything very deeply. And through honesty with yourself and others, you bring transformation to your relations and into your life. Art helps you to keep balanced amidst the oscillation of feelings.


As a rising, you’re seen as someone expansive, optimistic, explorer, intelligent and is always in search of more to life. 
With this moon, you’re probably reading this from somewhere other than home as you’re always travelling or planning one.


Because of the serious appearance of this rising, you might get judged a lot by looking “sad” when inside you’re cheering of joy. You are very mature, determined and success driven – who has a lot of chances of achieving your goals. 
With this moon, you are down to earth and thinks more rationally than emotionally. You might also be a workaholic and like to stay home.


With this rising, there is someone who questions, brings the new, is eccentric and unpredictable. You probably have an edgy look as you like doing things differently than the crowd.
Who has this moon is also very innovative and has lots of friends, loves to go out, have fun and do things their own way.


Who has this rising is usually distracted because they live in their own world. They are intuitive, artistic, dreamers and have a special connexion to music.
With this moon, you’re a great therapist who loves to listen and help people with their problems, you’re intuitive and can use your artistic gifts to deal with the sea of emotions.
This was a general and brief explanation to start understanding your nature from a different perspective.
To dive even deeper, book an Astrology reading to uncover your greatest potentials, life mission and challenges that were written in the stars.

So after knowing about your rising and moon signs – are first impressions what it counts? Let me know in the comments below!

ॐ Shanti,

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