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What is Home? { A poem }

What is Home? { A poem }

1 min readwhat is home & where to find it… I find it interesting, to say the least, how people keep their bedrooms in their parents home exactly as they left because they know they’ll always come back

It’s ok to just be okay… And here is why

2 min read   {Midnight letters are incessant, unresting thoughts begging to be prescribed before the Sun rises} ­ ­ ­ It’s ok if you don’t master one special something: If you haven’t been dancing ballet your whole life, Or continued playing volleyball all the way, If you […]

An Open Letter to all My Life Difficulties

An Open Letter to all My Life Difficulties

3 min readI’ve always been a hard to please person. Never fully satisfied with what I had – most of the times grateful, yes; but always eager for more. I mean, isn’t this the big pest of the human race? The thing is, I never saw this […]

What am I doing with my life?

3 min readThoughts on a sunday morning… I woke up this morning feeling a bit ~bleh~ You know that feeling? Turned on my phone and coincidentally (or not) the time hit 08:08. Ohh I love synchronicities, the universe is trying to tell me something!!! A very meaningful something that’s been […]

Hello, MTV…

1 min readand welcome to my crib! This is my virtual home, journal, photo gallery, exhibition… Here I will share thoughts, ideas, recipes, ramblings, etc. Thanks for coming ; )