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It’s ok to just be okay… And here is why

2 min read   {Midnight letters are incessant, unresting thoughts begging to be prescribed before the Sun rises} ­ ­ ­ It’s ok if you don’t master one special something: If you haven’t been dancing ballet your whole life, Or continued playing volleyball all the way, If you […]

An Open Letter to all My Life Difficulties

An Open Letter to all My Life Difficulties

3 min readI’ve always been a hard to please person. Never fully satisfied with what I had – most of the times grateful, yes; but always eager for more. I mean, isn’t this the big pest of the human race? The thing is, I never saw this […]

What am I doing with my life?

3 min readThoughts on a sunday morning… I woke up this morning feeling a bit ~bleh~ You know that feeling? Turned on my phone and coincidentally (or not) the time hit 08:08. Ohh I love synchronicities, the universe is trying to tell me something!!! A very meaningful something that’s been […]

Hello, MTV…

1 min readand welcome to my crib! This is my virtual home, journal, photo gallery, exhibition… Here I will share thoughts, ideas, recipes, ramblings, etc. Thanks for coming ; )