#DeepTalks Moving Past Shadow and Vulnerability - SHANTI

#DeepTalks Moving Past Shadow and Vulnerability

#DeepTalks Moving Past Shadow and Vulnerability
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“Your authenticity: that is your true magnetism.”
A saying from one of my favourite mentors, Lacy Philips – manifestation expert.
I have this written on a note on my desk to read every day and be reminded of the truth of these words again and again. Few times have I actually experienced what this actually means… One of those were now.
As the eclipse emerges and burns away my healed wounds; it comes as a hurricane flushing away the weight I was carrying for nothing – only occupying space in my life, blocking the great things I’m calling in to actually come through.
Having shared my truth and shredded my wounds, I feel like I’m gonna win the lottery or a gold medal for having been so brave and honest.

And in fact, I did won all of that… By being afraid of sharing my deepest wounds, I was hindering myself from receiving love and compassion.

Fearful of being seen as vulnerable – instead, I became brave and strong from inside out.
Erasing self-doubt and embodying all the fierceness I have acquired from surviving.
Empowered by my own experiences.
Magnetic for stepping into my authenticity.
Becoming whole for all that I am.

Now I can sit in the light for I have faced my shadow. 

 I am no longer a victim of those circumstances, as I embraced the pain and turned into strength.
For now I don’t have to repeat the same sad story over again, but to empower others by my own experience, so that no one will have to go through that again. 
Because it’s possible to step into your self-responsibility and take charge for all that happens in your life; and say NO, not again. This will not repeat itself with me.
I refuse to be another victim of domestic violence for there have been too many women who suffered from this. I don’t need to perpetualise this patriarchy cycle of “love” slavery.
I don’t need to keep hiding anymore for having desires and going for them no matter where someone drew a border dividing us. 
I don’t need to feel diminished for being outside the same law that once had expanded to new lands and used its abundance in their favour… in the most shameful way that now they try to punish me for doing it a better way.
It’s time to change those stories and break free from them. 

Not let them eat us alive while we marinate on its death. 


How to move past shame, pain and shadow

I resignified those stories with the positive lessons I learned from it.
One of the techniques I use with clients to move past traumas like this is having them acknowledge:
  • What was the worst part about that experience?

>>> Get to the root of the feeling you’re holding onto your body.

For instance, that might feel like shame, unworthiness, fear of ending up alone, etc.

  • What positive lesson did you learn from it?
>>> Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid that by acknowledging the positive side of the situation, that whatever you went through will be “okay” or that it will repeat itself with you.
On the contrary, you are freeing yourself from the attachments you held on to, and the more you strengthen this mindset – you will move through life with ease and grace, becoming more present and working towards the future; rather than being stagnant with regret and living in the past.
The healing I do happens on all energetic levels and in all the cells of the body, so that when we think about that memory it’s no longer painful – and we can focus on the wisdom it brought us.


If you’re struggling to move through painful experiences, know that you’re not alone.

If you need guidance on dealing with trauma and relieving pain, get in touch with me so that you too can rise above and become the hero of your story. 

As we speak up and share our story – we heal ourselves, and thus humanity. 

You will be more free. 
Because what we don’t own, owns us.

ॐ Shanti, 

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