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On living your Purpose

On living your Purpose
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Much is talked about nowadays about fulfilling your life mission… 

We often relate our purpose to what we should work with – and as much as many times both are related, “for one person their purpose might be become the next Bill Gates, and someone else’s it might just be making peace with their mother.” As said Jenna Zoe about Human Design.

This concept of finding your purpose, as if it was lost somewhere – causes many people anxiety and an unwillingness to live their life thinking they’re wasting a day just because they’re not doing for a living something that fulfils them.

Instead, I propose we think and talk about purpose in a different manner.

To start with, Astrology wise – our purpose is often times not related to work; but more of what your soul has to accomplish in this life time. It’s also not forgotten, because deep down we know ourselves: what we like and what we need to do in order to feel good. The confusion and the pressure one might feel amidst the hype that purpose is right now, this innerent truth stays far away from your consciousness as they live a life disconnected from their essence. 

Let’s think about our purpose, then, as something we do everyday.

As small as telling a joke and making people laugh, from helping someone cross the street to rescuing animals in a shelter. From a good deed you do for a stranger, to what you do for a living – you already are living your purpose every day. 

By bringing awareness into your daily actions, by being compassionate towards yourself first and thus others – we’re coming closer to our essence, and so listening clearer what our soul has to say.

This is what I came to the conclusion as I journaled my path to enlightenment…


“To have the notion that time is not linear, I come to realise I’ve always been living my purpose: 

which is to connect, uplift and inspire others to live more fully.

Whether I was writing for a publication, looking after someone’s children, revealing their star’s blueprint, bringing peace to their day or facilitating healing and self awareness – my mission has always been to shine a light on someone’s path; even if that meant just cooking something nice, giving a compliment, making someone’s day or planting some food for thought.

Finally acknowledging how I’ve always felt fulfilled about what I was doing, I can revisit those moments seeing them for what they were: my truest self expression aligned with my vibration at different époques of my life.”

How do you live your purpose everyday of your life?

ॐ Shanti,

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