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Shanti means peace in Sanskrit. 

& Co represents the infinite potencial of co creation.

My goal is to bring to consciousness your truth through self-knowledge, recognising your biggest potential. 

Aligning with your essence through energetic healing and detaching your from what stops you from achieving your dreams.

Transforming in your best version ever and manifesting all of your desires.

Find inner peace.

About Me

I am Alice, creator of Shanti &co. 


Writer, Astrologuer, Thetahealer, Yoga teacher, and creator of the method Astro-Healing


But not only that… 

All of that. 


I believe we don’t have to choose just one title to define us, only one passion to dedicate to, just one profession to follow… but we can be all of what we want. 

That in reality, all of our life experiences gave us the wisdom necessary to  apply in a situation in our lives… that only you can do. 

That one thing you are unique at and no one does the same. 

Your purpose. 

 Mine is to show you that is possible to unite all of your passions into something singular. 



All of our life experiences are part of our journey to reach our destiny… 

My learnings so far are here in Shanti & Co. 



A holistic mentorship for you to reconnect with your essence, release your limiting beliefs and conquer your biggest dreams.


Astro•Healing™ is an exclusive method facilitated by the most powerful transformational tools:

 ◊  Self-knowledge and discovery through Astrology



 ◊  Energetic healing and unblocking with Thetahealing

◊  Vedic Wisdom (pranayamas, guided meditations and asanas)





3 weeks of self-discovery or 6 weeks of transformation that may be applied for any area in your life. 

The pillars of this program will empower you to make aligned decisions and act accordingly to your heart’s truth. 



1. Recognise

Acknowledge all your potential through the mirror of Astrology. 

2. Align

Unblock the limiting beliefs that stops you from living your essence with Thetahealing.

3. Transform

Attract your soul mate, create your dream career and manifest anything your heart truly desires. 


Want to know more?

“Maybe you were given this mountain to show other people how it can be moved.”

My Why

Born when the sun was in Scorpio, I’ve always knew I was special. 

I knew there was more to life than what my eyes could see, 

I just didn’t know how to get to the beyond possibilities my heart dreamed to be…

Sounds familiar?


I was living in my own shadow until I was enlightened by the power of Astrology:  I saw in the mirror my greatest potential as well as the challenges I would face in this lifetime. 

But only self-knowledge wasn’t enough to give me the confidence to show up in the world and own it.

It was when I discovered Thetahealing that I broke free from my limiting beliefs and started fully embodying my wholeness.


It took me 21 years of my life living in fear and shying away from success, and 

only 3 months to conquer my power back and receive all the miracles the Universe had to gift me. 


And this is what I teach in my unique coaching method Astro-Healing and the services I offer. 


Astro-Healing Coaching


 Astrology, Thetahealing and Vedic Wisdom combined in a profound transformation of life.





 ◊  Thetahealing  ◊  Astrology










“I’ve always had trouble knowing what I want, what I am capable of doing and to know where my strengths and weaknesses are. After Alice read my birth chart to me, I felt more capable of knowing what I can achieve in my life. She showed me a reflection of my own life and what there might be in the future. When she mentioned something in particular that was important to me, we discussed my feelings and hopes about it and talked about how it showed in the past and how it will show in the future. Alice is not only a very lovely person, she really knows her studies about astrology and she might turn your point of view upside down. She helped me focus on what I really love and gave me the energy to be the best version of myself. "