Are you a goals-setting addict? Read this - SHANTI

Are you a goals-setting addict? Read this

Are you a goals-setting addict?  Read this
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“How has your life been without setting weekly goals?”

It’s the first thought that came in my mind to ask a friend when I realised I had to write about this.

My life has been surprising, more spacious and yet – more inspiring since I stopped setting up weekly goals.

Without the preassure of hustling towards a goal, I allowed more space for creativity to flow through and gift me incredible ideas which turned out to be more abundant than setting myself the goal of “getting X clients by the end of the week” and feeling frustrated/useless had I not achieved that.

I had found myself with an ‘accountability partner’, with whom I would set up weekly goals to work on that week and achieve our desired outcome by the end of it.

Having someone to “hold me accountable” for pursuing what I knew I needed to do but not always did – for laziness, fear, lack of inspiration or whatever reason I’d tell myself – was encouraging and useful.

But what it turned out was a friendship based more on mutual encouragement rather than demands. And while the first weeks of the goal setting were good, at some point it got me (and I’d risk saying us) feeling like a failure if I didn’t achieve, for instance, “eating ice cream no more than 2x this week”. 

It’s not like we’re gonna stop setting weekly goals for one another either, but I do believe a break is as helpful as creative idleness.    

What is a life without goals though?

By no means I am telling you that goals are useless and you should remove them from your lists.

I am a Capricorn rising after all, and as much as the earthly element rises in my chart – I love ticking boxes as much as the next (virgo) person. 

Having short, medium and long term goals are not only soul fulfilling (for those air and earth oriented people), but also needed as a compass to guide you towards where you want to reach.

Want to move to Australia in 5 years? What will you need for that? How much money, what will you be doing, who is going with you? 

The dream turns out to be more attainable and – dare I say – easier, when you break it down into the action steps you’ll need to do in order to get there. 

So let’s keep dreaming, setting up daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals so that we can see the big picture and what will actually take us to get there. 

But let’s not solely focus on hitting goals and ticking tasks off your list; but also allowing space for creative solutions to come in when desperate times arrive and we seem to forget that life is not about reaching your goals; but the journey you take there.  


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