How to Balance the Chakras with Food, Crystals & Mantras

How to Balance the Chakras with Food, Crystals & Mantras

How to Balance the Chakras with Food, Crystals & Mantras
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The Chakras, like the stars, are meant to work in your favour. When nourished and balanced, they bring about an abundant life not only health wise, but in all areas both energetically and materially.

Meaning ‘wheel‘ in Sanskrit, they are literally centers of energy that receive, concentrate and distribute each of them a different type of energy throughout the body. There are millions of chakras from the bottom of the feet, to the palm of the hands until the top of the head. There are 7 main chakras along the spine where I will focus on in this guide to tell you how they work and how you can nourish them in simple manners, such as with food, crystals, mantras and activities for each one.

How important are the chakras?


They are part of the subtle body but have a vital importance for the good health of the organs around them – besides providing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance. 

Each Chakra affects one or more area of your life, like the feeling of safety in the world, your connexion to the mother/father figure, your ability to love and be loved, to receive abundance, to express yourself, etc.

Understand what is their specific function, why to keep them energised and balanced and how to do so: 


Muladhara: root Chakra


The first chakra that begins at the base of the spine is called root chakra as it’s responsible for grounding us, keeping us connected to Mother Earth and intrinsically related to the mother relationshipIn a mundane level, it influences finances and one’s ability to provide for themselves.


colour: red
element: earth
crystals: red jaspe, black turmaline
when imbalanced:

Usually, people that are highly spiritual might have this chakra in deficiency for being so connected to spirit that forget the human side of life. So when this chakra is imbalanced, someone might feel disconnected from the whole, lack self confidence, don’t feel safe on Earth and have difficulties paying the bills. 

to balance:

Grounding is as simple as effective to energise our connexion to eath and our roots. Simple walking bare foot, spending more time in nature or hug a tree. Wear the colour of the chakra with a set intention is also effective to balance the Muladhara. Besides, eating food that came from the earth, like potatoes for example. A recipe I love is to start the day with a beet, carrot and orange juice to feel grounded.

personal Mantra:
I feel safe. I am strong to resist to life's difficulties. I am brave and fight for what I believe in. 



Swadhisthana: sexual Chakra

This chakra placed in the sexual organs represents our capacity to create: both in the sense of creating a life as well as your creativity. It’s our first contact with pleasure: when we discover something that pleases us – whether that is food, sex or the mundane pleasures of life. 


colour: orange
element: water
crystal: coraline
when imbalanced:

The attitude of people with this chakra low is of compulsion. In the body, it can be manifested with fadigue  as the person doesn’t know anymore when to stop; and back pain.

It can bring diseases and infections in the sexual organs or limitations to the sexual energy. It might even cause infertility when strongly imbalanced. 

Emotionally, it is strongly related to guilt and shame. Someone that might have gone through sexual trauma or shame of some kind might have difficulties in opening up and living a healthy relationship. 

to balance:

Staying in touch with its element, wear the colour orange and practice activities for this chakra, like very fluid Yoga, belly dance, any exercise that invites you to set free and be sensual.


My sexuality is my creative drive that provides me inspiration.


Manipura: solar plexus Chakra

For being placed in the part of the body with the most heat and fire (the intestine), this chakra is our sun, our personal power. It rules digestion, is connected to our ego, the relationship to the father and our masculine energy: our ability to achieve and pursue goals, to have own will and attract financial abundance. 


colour: yellow
element: fire
crystals: tiger eye and citrine
when imbalanced:

Physically, it can affect in bad digestion, food allergies, stomach ache, in the liver, etc. 

Emotionally, people can become manipulative, selfish and egocentric; they have a hard time noticing other people’s needs and are disconnected with empathy and compassion.


to balance:

As this chakra is related to the sun, it’s great to connect with the warmth and solar energy. In excess, this chakra can also influence anger; so it’s ideal to prevent it by reflecting on what makes you lose control and/or be aggressive, and understand why. 

personal mantra:
I have the ability to succeed my limitations. 




Located in the chest, this chakra rules the heart and respiratory systems. It represents our ability to love and is related to the feminine energy of receiving. Someone with this chakra balanced is friendly, compassionate, cares about others and is emotional stable in their relationships. 


colour: green or pink
element: air
crystals: rose quartz or green


when imbalanced:

It’s connected to emotional instability: sadness, depression, rejection feelings, fear, frigidity, apathy. As well as affects the respiratory and/or heart health and good functioning.


to balance:

Spend time in nature, breathing fresh air and in touch with the sun. Practicing pranayamas (Yoga breathing exercises) is a great way to achieve emotional stability and relaxation, as well as strengthening and using your lunge’s capacity to the fullest.

Reflect on whether you can express your feelings clearly and directly. And who do you need to forgive to be free?


Personal Mantra:
Wish for yourself or someone that needs love: "May them be happy and be in peace."


This chakra is related to our ability to express ourselves freely and fearlessly of judgements. It’s also related to how we understand and perceive things, how we project our voice and express ideas. It’s the bridge between the mind and the hearth. 


element: eter
colour: turquoise blue
crystal: sodalite


when imbalanced:

Stress, energy drained and lack of disposition to do something; besides difficulty in expressing oneself. 


to balance:

Observe and meditate on silence, notice what comes in mind and the effects it brings to the body. 

Reflect if you always do what you say or if you break your promises frequently. 

Reflect upon how you use your words: if to strengthen or to hurt. 


personal Mantra:
I love to show the world my true essence. I know how to express my opinions and ideas sincerely and without fear. 


AJNA: 3rd eye CHAKRA

Located between the eyebrows, in the center of the brain where there is the pineal gland: therein lies our intuition. It’s responsible for our inner wisdom and our perception to what is beyond what the eyes can see. 

element: spirit
colour: indigo blue
crystals: ametysth, lapiz lazuli


when imbalanced:

Confusion and mental block, self doubt and lack of focus; the person can’t differentiate what is their opinion and their intuition. 

They are extremely rational that limits any kind of manifestation or creative solution. 

At a physical level, the symptoms are headache and sight problems. 


to balance:

Reflect if you can only see what is in front of you or if you actually believe there are beyond possibilities. 

Be open and notice manifestations happening in your life, pay attention to nature and the energy in your body. 


personal mantra:
I know how to listen and trust in my intuition. 
Life is constantly showing me infinite possibilities.



SaHASHARA: crown chakra

It’s our center of connexion with the Universe, our source of eternal wisdom; the bridge between the material place and our Higher Self. 


element: energy
colour: lilac or white
crystals: diamond, clear quartz


when imbalanced:

Depression and turmoil, unstable emotions; someone without the desire to life, that lost hope or became alienated.


to balance:

Notice what happens inside your skin: practice meditation, Yoga and mindfulness. 

Reflect upon how you feed each part of your body, whether that is with thoughts, food, energy, etc. How do you nourish yourself?


personal Mantra:
I am in peace. My connexion to myself is my connexion to the Universe. 




Did you acknowledge any Chakras imbalances while reading this post?

Do you have any Chakras healing tips to share?

Share it by commenting below!



ॐ Shanti,

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