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Your destiny was written in the stars in the moment you were born.

But the journey is yours to take. 

How about taking aligned action towards your dreams aware of your greatest potential?

Astrology is the road map to uncover your destiny.

birth chart reading

  What would it be like to know your soul’s purpose and what you’re here to do?  

What are the best pathways for success in your career and prosperity? 

How can you best connect to your luck and abundance?

How to heal and understand your deepest wounds?   


Tune into your soul’s mission, understand your strengths and weaknesses and learn to navigate life’s challenges empowered by self-knowledge.


soul mate

Do you wonder if there is a soul mate, an ideal partner that is written in the stars to join you in a sacred partnership based on love, joy and respect?

Not only you will uncover the traits of your ideal partner, but as relationships are a mirror to what we see within – you’ll be empowered to better navigate the realms of love & partnership.  



 Your soul mate’s personality and traits

 Where you’ll likely meet your beloved

How to balance expectation vs reality

 How to spot red flags and avoid mirroring your own shadow 


career & prosperity

This reading is designed to help those searching their soulful path – whether you’re looking for a career change, you’re not sure what studies to pursue, or you’re unsure about how to attract more abundance in your life…

This is a powerful self-knowledge tool to expand your mind to the infinite possibilities to your talents aligned with your life purpose.


This reading will help you:


 Discover the most auspicious professional paths to attract prosperity and success in your desired career

To live joy every day by doing what you love and what you are meant to share with the world.  

Erase self-doubt and align with your highest potential to achieve in the realms of work and success


“ I’ve always had trouble knowing what I want, what I am capable of doing and to know where my strengths and weaknesses are. 

After Alice read my birth chart to me, I felt more capable of knowing what I can achieve in my life. 

She showed me a reflection of my own life and what there might be in the future. 

When she mentioned something in particular that was important to me, we discussed my feelings and hopes about it 

and talked about how it showed in the past and how it will show in the future.

Alice is not only a very lovely person, she really knows her studies about astrology and she might turn your point of view upside down. 

She helped me focus on what I really love and gave me the energy to be the best version of myself.  "

Ines Leipold
Student from Austria
" I didn't know much about astrology but after having by birth chart read by Alice, I am blown away. She was able to accurately look at things that had happened in my past and gave me an amazing insight into why things are the way they are now, and how they might be in the future.
Alice can help you look at things with a new perspective and she is a truly lovely person."
Laura Belton
Copywriter from Ireland


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If you’re looking for a deeper transformation, check my Astro-Healing program.

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