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Astro·Healing™ Mentorship

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 A holistic guidance for you to realign with your essence, break through from your limited self and 

achieve all of your heart’s desires.  


Astro•Healing™ is an exclusive method facilitated by:

 ◊  Self-knowledge with Intuitive astrology
 ◊  Unblocking your greatest potential with thetahealing
 ◊  Vedic techniques to bring the bliss into real life

Combined, these are powerful tools of transformation I have experienced myself while developing this exclusive method of self-discovery, healing and transformation.

Not your typical Coach…


I’m not here to tell you what to do not to tell you what is wrong with you.  

This is is a self-mastery mentorship designed to serve you designed to serve you as the director of your life.

The pillars of the program will empower you to make decisions that are most aligned with your truth. 



I’m here to be a catalyst for transformation and a witness of your achievements.

I’m here to support you along the way for when the triggers test you to shy away from your greatness.

I’m here to hold a mirror for you to see the incredible potential drawn on you that was written in the stars… 

The merit is all yours.


Authenticity // SEE

Acknowledging all that you are through the mirror of Astrology. 
◊ uncover your fullest potential, discovering your strengths and weaknesses
◊ what challenges to expect & how to navigate them with grace and ease
◊ what you’re meant to do and achieve in this life time, uncovering your life purpose and the most auspicious work & study paths 
◊ who is here to join you along the way in love, business partnerships, friends and family

 Wholeness // RISE

Unblocking the limiting beliefs holding you back from living your essence with Thetahealing.
◊ digging through childhood programming to release the imprinted conditioning and embrace your truth instead
◊ release the shame, guilt, resentment, hate, pain and any negative feelings attached to certain people and situations in your life that you’ve been storing in your body
◊ create space in your body to feel and become who you were always meant to be
◊ be able to tell those stories from a different perspective: now in tune with the lessons you’ve learned and the wisdom you’ve achieved from those experiences 

Worthiness & Abundance // THRIVE 


Manifest wealth, love and joy into your life, create your business or work in your dream career by embracing what success feels to you.

◊ dig deeper into your mindset to find out the limiting beliefs hindering you from manifesting your desires
◊ learn how to attract the right clients and opportunities for your business
◊ feel confident in charging the right price for your work
◊ feel worthy of being rewarded for your service
◊ live from a place of abundance and experience prosperity in your life

After this program you will:

◊  Understand your nature based on your Astrology blueprint and primary beliefs system

◊  Heal past conditionings and break free from what was holding you back from your truest self expression

◊  Easily manifest a soul mate, money, clients, opportunities, your dream home and anything your soul desires – because you have created space to receive them

◊  Be clear and confident on what your mission is, your why and what to do to pursue your heart’s desire

◊  Be there for your family, friends and loved ones fully because you have showed up for yourself wholeheartedly

◊  Become your best version that you were always meant to be. 

Who is this mentorship for:

◊ Someone seeking to reconnect with their Divine essence: to see their true beauty and step back in their power and worth

◊ Someone who have already started a self knowledge journey, have acknowledged patterns and blocks but don’t know how to get through them

◊   Someone few steps away from attracting their soul mates, get the job they want, have their dream lifestyle but just need an extra leap of 

faith to wholeheartedly believe they can do it

◊  Someone living in fear and anxiety due to traumas and constraints holding them to the past

◊  Someone searching their soulful career path that allows them freedom and quality time with their family

“Maybe you have been given this mountain to show other people how it can be moved.”

Who am I?

23012018-IMG_7676 copy

Hi dear,  I’m Alice.

I’m an Astrologer, Thetahealer and Yoga teacher.

My mission is to support women eager to go back to their natural state of plenitude

To step back in their authenticity, embrace their wholeness and easily manifest all of her most daring desires from a place of just being

To support them as I have nourished myself in my own journey of finding bliss in the trivial moments of life simply by staying present with myself. 

Born when the sun was in Scorpio, I’ve always knew I was special. 

I knew there was more to life than what my eyes could see, 

I just didn’t know how to get to the beyond possibilities my heart dreamed to be…

Thus, I felt constricted in a cage and stuck in a life I had created myself.

Sounds familiar?

I was living by my own shadow until I was enlightened by my greatest capacities, strengths and weaknesses. 

Astrology paved the way to self discovery, but it didn’t give me the confidence to show up in the world owning them.

It was only when I started practicing Thetahealing as a catalyst to break free from my limiting beliefs –

that I fully embodied my wholeness and let go of what was holding me back.

It took me 21 years of my life living in fear and shying away from success, and 

only 3 months to conquer my power back and receive all the miracles the Universe had to gift me.

I thought I had to learn through the hard way and that change happened slowly – 

But a major lesson I’ve got from this experience is that we can learn with ease and joy rather than suffering.

We can have both abundance and joie de vivre instead of working hard a lifetime only to live when retired. 

We can travel the world while doing what we love rather than settling for 20 days of holiday per year.

I’ve always knew I would never fit into that box… and I know you don’t either!

So I invite you to join me for a CHANGE!

I have completely transformed my life in the speed of light with the tools I’m about to share with you… 

And if I have done it, you can too! With no more time to waste…

It’s time to be your highest version NOW!

To embody your greatest potential and achieve all of which you’ve always desired.

Just because you are alive, you are worthy and it is your birth right to have all your dreams fulfilled.  

Let’s do this?!


3 weeks of Self-Discovery: 1 Astrology reading + 2x Thetahealing sessions (1h each)

285 | 255

6 weeks of Transformation:  1 Astrology reading + 5x sessions of Coaching and Thetahealing (1:30h each)

$ 750 paid in full | $400 for 2 months

€ 650 paid in full | € 350 for 2 months

After the payment, you will receive an email with further instructions to proceed and book your sessions. 

(click on the price in your currency to purchase your chosen plan)

Not sure which option is best for you? 

Let’s talk and find out…

If you’re looking for personalised readings such as Saturn Returns, Baby and Children’s birth charts, Astro-Carthography or other type of readings, please get in touch in the form below specifying what you’d like to get out of a tailored session for you: