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An Open Letter to all My Life Difficulties

An Open Letter to all My Life Difficulties
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I’ve always been a hard to please person.

Never fully satisfied with what I had – most of the times grateful, yes; but always eager for more. I mean, isn’t this the big pest of the human race?

The thing is, I never saw this as a negative quality; but instead, I finally accepted this is who I really am. Whilst one might say it’s blind egocentrism, in reality, it has always been my mind telling me what I intrinsically believe: Never settle for less than you deserve. 

And I’m fine with that! A strong believer. The biggest advocate, really.

That is why I’m so discontent and cannot take a “so-so” life, the comfort zone, a common path dictated by society in order to be “successful”… To whom?

This is also what I most struggled with all my life. Until it came the moment where I’ve had enough, I said stop. And I took the responsibility for my own happiness, of my own life. Read what I did for that here, in portuguese.

But as we all know, life is full of surprises. When you think you finally got your hands on this thing called happiness, it escapes. Rather than “the last level in a video game”, it is, in fact, a state of mind and a continuous path to achieve it. 

All my life I’ve struggled with the fact of wanting more. More quality of life, more safety, more opportunities… specifically, a place where I felt I belong to, where I felt at ease… where I finally felt happy. 

Despite a scientific discovery that happiness doesn’t depend on people, places or anything exterior; but actually comes from within…. I still believe we can be happier, yes, when we are where we choose to be. 

When you live your life from a place that reflects who you truly are, the energies of the Universe come together to assist you.

And I got that.


I finally achieved my biggest dream which has always been to live abroad. The 1 year and nearly 2 months I lived in London, I was the happiest – and also the saddest in my life.

The reason why is what I’ve been dealing with all this time and still am trying to figure out… I’m in the lookout for a proper experience! To be given a solid opportunity to thrive.

I wanna be able to study what I love, to work in a job I’m passionate about and have the ability to do; you know those dream jobs that you actually want to show up and work every day… because an opportunity like that you don’t see anywhere else!

I think Europe it’s great with the open doors for the nationals, really. And it’s smart how we did with Mercosul as well, but shall we discuss openly the pros and cons of a world without borders? 

What would it be like? How many more people would have more opportunities to grow, a chance to succeed and choose where they want to be instead of being confined in the place you were born? Imagine no wars, but the freedom to come and go, settle or leave…

It’s an utopy, yes, but I stand with John Lennon here: “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”

All I ask is: give people a chance! As for me, take me back! I’m not asking much… I promise to give my hard work and my ego to feed the skyscrapers and fuel workaholics…

Shall we discuss a world without borders?