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About me

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 I’m Alice, creatrix of Shanti & Co.  


I help people to overcome their limiting beliefs and unleash their greatest potential. 

Because I believe playing small is a disservice to the world and a misuse of our human greatness –

I work with people who know they can be more, are not afraid of change and ready for transformation in all areas of their life.

I’ve always known there was more to life than what my eyes could see, I just didn’t know how to get beyond the possibilities my heart dreamed to be…
Sounds familiar?

My Story

I spent 20 years of my life dreaming big and almost achieving it. I’ve had enriching life experiences but still none close to the full extent of the greatness I wanted to be living. 
Until I finally took the leap of faith and started designing my dream life:

I am a Writer, Yoga teacher, Astrologer and Thetahealer creator of the method Astro-Healing™. 

I can confidently say I am living my dream life now, working with what I love and fulfilling my soul everyday byworking 1-1 with clients witnessing their lives change, teaching Yoga a few times a week, napping in between, leading transformational workshops and retreats – all while practicing self-care and preparing to welcome my first daughter into the world.

About me

 As a Scorpio sun, everything I create is ignited by this life force that seeks self-expression, connexion and development. 
I have always been able to see beyond the veil, which enticed me to go on a path of self-discovery through Astrology – the root of my self-knowledge and to which I have dedicated 14 years of my life studying and mastering my own intuitive approach to it.
As a Capricorn rising, it was imprinted in my soul an entrepreneur side that never settled for average and urged to create something as unique as my most daring ideas.
My Cancer moon always dreamed big and provided me the vision for how I wanted to live – and so Shanti was born.

Astrology paved the way to self discovery, but it didn’t give me the confidence to show up in the world owning and my potential to the full extent of what I could be.

It was only when I discovered Thetahealing as a catalyst to release my limiting beliefs – that I finally let go of what was holding me back and fully embodied my wholeness; experiencing a profound change in all areas of my life.

Shanti &co


 I believe the mix of all our passions and experiences in life are the turnout point for us to live our dream life – and achieve success in our desired career…

So far, the wisdom acquired from my experiences are within Shanti & Co. 

Meaning peacein Sanskrit, I first felt in my skin what this sense of inner peace that everyone talked about was in my first Yoga classes back in 2015.

From that moment onwards, I dedicated myself to finding this frequency in even deeper ways.

And it was only right that I named my business after the transformation I went through along this journey…

& Co represents the infinite possibilities I am always co creating. 



Astro-Healing is my unique mentorship aligning astrology, thetahealing and vedic wisdom for a transformation on all levels.

 Combined, these tools were the turnout point for my journey of expansion; allowing me to hold space for this exclusive method of self-discovery, healing and transformation.

The pillars of the program are facilitated by ancient and modern wisdoms channeled from my passion & mastery

◊  Self-knowledge with Intuitive Astrology

◊  Unlocking your greatest potential with Thetahealing

◊  Vedic techniques as a bridge to bring the bliss to real life

I am here to connect with those willing to expand and achieve the full extend of their greatness. 

My mission is to support people to step back in their authenticity, embrace their wholeness and easily manifest their most daring desires from a place of just being

All of that facilitated by the power of self-knowledge, the transformation in energetic healing, embodiment practices to come back to the self and the 1-1 support I offer in my coaching program.

If this sounds like you, get in touch below for a complimentary discovery call. 

Let’s connect!